Dear Valued Guests,

Thank you for choosing Rosalia’s Kitchen for your dining experience. We strive to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for all our guests. To ensure a smooth and comfortable dining experience, we have implemented the following policies:

Table Time Limit

Tables are reserved for 1.5 hours. To ensure a smooth dining experience for all guests, we respectfully request the table back after 1.5 hours (or longer for larger parties, as specified in your OpenTable reservation). This policy is in place to allow other diners to enjoy our restaurant since we are a very small space, and it is mainly enforced during peak times (Friday and Saturday evenings and Saturday and Sunday brunch). Please note that this policy is clearly communicated during the booking process on OpenTable. 

Should you wish to continue your dining experience with us after your allotted time, our staff will make every effort possible to accommodate you at our bar, high-top, or outdoor tables. However, if there are tables available in the restaurant for the next party, you’re invited to extend your visit. Your comfort and enjoyment are of our utmost priority.

Larger parties with reservations will have additional time allocated during the booking process. Walk-in parties (with no reservation) will have a maximum of 90 minutes unless otherwise informed by our staff upon arrival.

Table Selections & Special Seating

  1. OpenTable Booking: When making a reservation on OpenTable, please ensure that you select your preferred table location, whether it be an outdoor, indoor, or high-top table. You may only choose tables in available sections; therefore, if you only see “Outdoor” or “High-Top” and prefer a regular table, please call our restaurant at 954-589-2411 to confirm if anything else is available for your preferred date and time. We will make every effort to accommodate your preference based on availability.
  2. Limited Space: Please note that as a small restaurant, our seating capacity is limited. In the event that we are fully booked, we may not be able to accommodate requests for table type or location changes upon your arrival. We call every guest who books an outdoor or high-top table to confirm their selection as a courtesy; however, if you are unreachable or book last minute, we cannot be held responsible for your table selection. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  3. High Chairs & Booster Seats: While a family-owned establishment, we are designed as a casual supper club and cocktail bar mainly geared for adults to convene and enjoy. As such, we do not have high chairs or booster seats, or offer kids’ menus. However, if needed, we will modify our menu items to accommodate their tastes.

No Confetti, Excessive Decorations, Stickers, or Tape

We have put countless time and effort into decorating our restaurant. To maintain a clean and stylish dining environment for all guests, the following policies are strictly enforced:

  1. Confetti and Sparklers: Confetti or similar materials are strictly prohibited in the restaurant. Bringing confetti into the premises or activating confetti cannons, party poppers, sparklers, or similar items inside the restaurant will result in a clean-up fee of up to $200. 
  2. Decorations: Excessive decorations that disrupt the dining experience of others are strictly prohibited. Only a limited number of balloons or flower bouquets are permitted to celebrate your occasion. Additionally, to preserve the integrity and appearance of our restaurant, stickers or tape, tablecloths (plastic or linen), napkins (paper or linen), outside plastic or silverware, wreaths, table runners, candles, vases, votives, and any other items to decorate a table are strictly prohibited.

Mobile Device Usage and Phone Calls

To ensure an uninterrupted and enjoyable dining experience for ALL guests, we kindly request the following:

  1. Mobile Device Usage: Playing videos, music, or engaging in loud activity on mobile devices that may disturb others is not permitted (including children).
  2. Phone Calls: Phone calls should be conducted in a manner that do not disturb fellow diners. Using speakerphone mode in the restaurant is not allowed.

We kindly request your cooperation in maintaining a peaceful environment.

Outside Food, Cakes, and Refrigerated Items

To comply with health and safety guidelines, the following policies are in place:

  1. Outside Food: Outside food is not permitted, as it may not adhere to required health standards. Exceptions for religious or dietary reasons may be made with prior authorization.
  2. Outside Cakes and Refrigerated Items: Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to store outside cakes or items that require refrigeration. Bringing such items is strongly discouraged. Guests who wish to bring an outside cake must notify the restaurant ahead of their dining time and will be subject to a cake-cutting fee of $2 per person in the party. At the manager’s discretion, concessions may be made for guests who order desserts from our menu.
  3. Corkage Fee: Guests bringing their own wine will be subject to a corkage fee of $10 per bottle, covering wine service and stemware. Wine bottles may not be in the restaurant’s wine list offering. We appreciate it if a guest bringing their own wine bottle notifies the restaurant beforehand.

Large Groups and Automatic Gratuity

For groups of more than eight (8) guests, the minimum spend requirement is $30 per person, including children. A service charge will be included if the total bill does not add up to the minimum spend required for the party before tax and gratuity. Additionally, all groups of more than eight (8) guests will have an automatic gratuity of 18% added to their bill.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these policies, as they are designed to create a pleasant dining experience for ALL guests. Thank you for choosing Rosalia’s Kitchen and supporting local businesses! We look forward to serving you soon!